The Long Road Home

Blister on my feet still burns,

Tired, exhausted yet i yearn,

Your smell still lingers around,

Your shadows still here yet your no where to be found..

Our cravings come in a fortnight,

Our needs go by through the midnight,

Baby your like a dream fight,

Making me want to make it all right..

i love how you laugh through my stupid jokes,

And you take my trolls with that hot look,

I keep falling in love deeper into you,

I can’t help myself even if i want to..

Missing you is pain in a jar of hearts,

I keep thinking of you when we’re far apart,

Yet i love how we have our own lives,

Holding on through our hardness & cries..

Cause being together when we are away,

Makes us closer than most people who stay,

So lets grip this baby lets grip through,

Cause there’s no one else i’d rather be with, its you..


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