My baby

Shadows, I see shadows of the night,

Crawling up in my bed and causing me frights,

Can this be that I miss her too much?

Or am I infatuated by her presence and such….

Love, I fear love til my death,

It might kill me and take my last breathe,

Risks, yet scary and bold,

She makes me grab it and keep it to hold…

Baby you think you know how i care,

You think you felt it and youre fully aware,

But no, U have not seen it all,

How this human will protect u from pain and fall..

You don’t know i write for you,

But this canvas is where I run to,

When my soul is warped and wrapped in overwhelming love,

And I cant bare it till I write it off..

I may not write as crushing as before,

Coz you’re with me and there is nothing I want more,

I love you baby with all my heart,

I know it’s cliche but til death do us part 😉


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