She’s love

Dangling from your shaking wrist,

That bracelet u’d never miss,

You touch your face with grace and softness,

Those types that don’t adore roughness,

I watch you from the window pane,

As i smoke my ciggy and smile in vain,

You were getting ready to go out to eat,

After sweat and wildful crazy heat..

Baby it’s crazy how we come so far,

From nothing to this, owh u healed my scar,

I’m thankful for the chance to feel this again,

To watch the sun moon clouds and rain,

With you by my side there’s nothing to say,

But baby i love you come what may…

Lets try to make this work again,

Lets throw all doubts and pain,

Cause I want to be part of years to come,

And build the dream as one.

I love you baby (Holiday 30 Sept ’17)


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