Broke those walls

It’s the day after we met each other,

The day after we kissed and linger,

The time I held you even closer,

I thought i lost you before and after..

The days were sunshines and fairies,

The nights were like vampire diaries,

We took it step by step didn’t we?

But seeing you was like i knew you so much already..

I thought i lost what we had before,

I thought I couldn’t get back ..all sore,

But you prove to me that you’re back,

From the dark tunnel of fearful tracks..

I get why you can’t fully trust,

You go find others cause you live the scars,

I understand your painful defense,

Can’t help it that you fear love tense,

But not all love are fear,

Not all love need to be off tears,

And sex don’t mean desire is all,

It’s just expression of emotions all raw..

Thank you for opening up to me,

For letting your heart on the line to be,

I promise in thick and thin,

I’ll take care of you out and within..

Cause baby loving u is so simple,

And love is meant to be a dimple,

A touch of deep with a swipe of smile,

So baby lets stay together for a while..

I love you

Holiday Honeymoon 15th Sept 2017


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