I bid you ..

I sleep at six and wake at eight,

I’m back to this painful nights of hate,

I moved too fast, it’s me to blame,

I’m empty sick and full of shame..

I see the changes you’ve become,

I see the texts but I feel just some,

Things have changed and i know why,

It’s my mistake and i cry cry cry..

I remember you before things went dry,

I remember how crazy you were with i,

We couldn’t even wait till morning,

Just to say “how are you darlin..”

Now your mornings don’t consist of me,

Your evenings stays are up till 3,

You disappear in broad day light,

And come to me when it’s night..

What happened to that crazy us?

Did you find someone who took interest?

Just tell me, don’t keep telling lies,

Cause everyday i cry cry cry..

I think the time of truth has come,

I’ll suck it up and I’ll keep numb,

Tomorrow i will say my peace,

Let you have your life at ease..

The best part was our lust perfection,

The hardest was the mad connection,

I felt your love from the beginning,

But why do i feel that I’m losing?

So baby this is just for you,

I’ll remember everything we do,

Your smiles, your kisses, your late stay ups,

Those sacrifices and build ups…

I’m sorry if I thought it wrong,

I’m sorry that things end while strong,

But i love u too much to hurt you more,

With my painful words and broken sores..

I love you sayang, I love you boo,

I miss you so much, much more than you,

I bid you farewell on this very day,

On our third anniversary..

I will not tell you that we’re over,

I’ll stay and linger till you get sober,

Then finally realize I have magically fade,

My body is there but my heart is dead..

I told you i’d love you and I would stay,

So i’ll stay til you tell me to go away..

I love you sayang, Goodbye


2 thoughts on “I bid you ..

  1. I know it came from heart because things like these are only explained so beautifully when we go through them. Quiet sad that it happened with you but I guess that’s what sometimes relationships do with us- they break us. But you have to get up, get up with all those shattered pieces of yours, with the every last bit of power in your body and I hope you’ll do it soon.


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