Why do you?

I know I make things complicated,

My doubts are sometimes over-rated,

It hurts the first time all over,

You’re out with your friends an undercover?..

Blame me for not believing,

Call me out for feeling you’re deceiving,

Everytime you leave the lies,

My heart feels like it dies..

You did this once to me before,

You left went quiet for hours and more,

Yes I gave you total freedom,

But freedom u held, it crashed my kingdom..

Fuck my heart for feeling this,

Fuck my soul for catching hits,

Yes I might be over thinking,

But you’ve yet to prove your undertaking..

Help me get me out of this,

Help me crawl through pain to bliss,

Cause it hurts baby when I feel this way,

When i don’t trust you when you’re away..

But silence is what I choose to do,

Til the right time comes and I do what i’d do,

I’ll try to find that heart again,

Throw the ache and the pain…

Until that day comes to me,

Crushed I will remain to be…



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