It’s dark

I woke up early with this hurt in my chest,

A pain that nothing else but blood can address,

I slept through million scares and darkness,

And woke up screaming to the scarred hardness…

I opened up to you baby like an open wound,

I let you explore my stars and my moons,

I took a knife and tore out my soul,

I let you hold it in your hands to mold..

But is this what it all came up to?

Is this why I’ve been waiting for you?

You told me you didn’t want another,

And there’s no one else you’d even bother..

I waited a month to be close to you,

My restrictions from disturbing you is virtue,

I kept my misses and held my tears,

Just so you could face things without fear..

Maybe I did move waaay to fast,

Maybe I shouldn’t have told you I’d love you everyday like it’s the last,

Or was it me being open that hurt?

Or was it because you think I’m a flirt?

On that one night you said it all,

That you’ve made a mistake and you took a fall,

You met your ex and you talked for hours,

And it “Got intense” and you had no power..

What was I to say to you?

That I’m okay and i forgive you boo?

I did, I am but I don’t know why,

When I say I love you now, I cry..

You didn’t tell me what you two really did,

You never said how good it remained hid,

But no words needed for me to know,

That you enjoyed it every second cause it shows..

Did he touch your face and fucking kissed your lips?

Did he linger your finger up to the tips?

Did you breathe hard when he made you high?

Did he make you wet and make you cry?

Was he that worth it for you that day?

When you lied to me and told me you were away,

Out with your sister i remember you said,

Those words are just daggers to my soul to shreds..

I know you told me cause you want to come clean,

You couldn’t bare lying to me it seems,

I forgive your mistake I never wanna look back,

I just wanna erase it from my mind infact..

Could you tear up my head and break my brain?

Could you pull out my heart so i feel no pain?

We were passion, was lust, love and was all,

And you told me I’m the only, you should’ve accepted the open call..

So baby now I’m dreadfully trying,

I know you’re hurt too and somewhat crying,

I’ll mend my heart delete that thought,

Cause I know now that may be not..

I love you baby I love you so much,

I miss that feeling and your soft silk touch,

I know I’ll be okay again,

And I hope it’ll last and forever remain..




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