The Break

It’s time again for wishful sorry,

The time i knew would creep in slowly,

I never thought it’d be this fast,

I really hoped that this would last…

But yet again fate brought me sorrow,

Tricked my heart a great tomorrow,

When all i got are false pretence,

Lies, fake hopes and painful ends..

She thought she could juggle it all,

She thought she stayed, she won’t fall,

But little she know that she had drowned,

Succummed to feelings that can’t be found,

She felt, she drank,she slipped,

She was supposed to take a sip…

And now i’m left with the decision,

To leave her be with predicament, 

I hate the thought that she’s just tired,

With my over-do’s and always wired,

Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed too hard,

I should have played the push-pull card..

i hate the fact she might be happy,

No commitment, free, no texts & chirpy,

I wish I’m built less passionate,

Less intense, mellowless, unfortunate..

Cause now things tend to get outta hand,

I can’t hear music nor films or bands,

Cause all of it drives back to you,

No matter what the fuck i choose to do…

3 weeks of separation is what we picked,

Means 3 eternals of painful fricked,

It’s been 2 days and I can’t breathe,

I lost my soul to the deadly myth..


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