Take me

I sat for hours staring at the moon,

Wishing that a miracle would hit on me soon,

I hoped for magic with wands and spells,

to help me get up and get out of this hell,

I saw a light shining so bright,

Got up ran fast to catch as i might,

I ran on too slow the light past me by,

Just fell on my knees and cry,cry,cry..

Grabbed the soil from beneathe my palm,

I rubbed it against my skin to feel calm,

Wanted to feel that sense of belong,

But its hard to sink in when its you that i long,

So i looked up again at the gloomy night,

Trying my luck for a possible sight,

Nothing, dead, lonely ,hollow,

The skies are full of deadly sorrow..
So here i lay to give myself,

to let the sorrow bid itself,

Free away oh sadness dove,

Fly in the darkness skies above,

Please take away this pain forsake,

Please tear my heart if thats what it takes,

I need you to please just make me feel,

Nothing at all coz it hurts so real,

Take my soul oh take my breath,

Take everything that you need in stealth,

For i shall have this way to live,

And i shall promise always to give,

Coz i became everything in the past,

And i know forever it will last.

But I want to start again with u,

Coz everythng just seems brand new,
i shall wait til the day comes thru,

When worlds unite, just me and you..


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