You are you

Wandering thoughts of an imbecile mind,

Strolling the streets of venetician blinds,

I sit through those endless thoughts,

Of how my life is all lines and dots..

But then one night i broke the rule,

I went and explore and lost my cool,

She was there, I am here,

She stabbed me through with her witted speare..

Who is she?  Or is this fate?

Why did she find me? I speculate,

She flirts, she’s forward, she gets to me,

But I got to know her last night you see..

From day one she got the whole thing planned,

She thought she knew how things would land,

She was playful, sexy and goddamn bold,

I swear she’s just something beyond my control..

She utter words of sensual lingers,

She’s fucking endearing by just using her fingers,

Her texts are gold, she stays unreached,

She fucking got hold of me on the leash ..

Everyday when I open my eyes,

First thing I want is the lust of her thighs,

Her lips, her voice, her body , her mind,

I want her each and everytime…

As days goes by and lust goes deep,

I feel this urge that my heart can’t keep,

Why do I have to go up that wall,

When I know she left it there strong and tall..

September, September, Oh , wherefore art thou September?
The deadly day that stays to linger

I can barely wait yet I’m afraid to face,

It’s a mix of feelings of love and hate…

This is a secret I wanted to tell,

I know it probably put me in hell,

But since the day I saw her text,

And we kept texting the day and the next…

My life has colors I’ve never seen,

The greys turned yellow and the blues turned green,

I don’t sleep, I don’t eat,

Fuck, everything seems so obsolete..

But what I know is this new girl,

Is the reason I wake up to feel the world,

And at any point do I break your heart,

Remember back when we both started..

I know things move fast and you can’t digest,

But I can’t keep it down deep in my chest,

So I’m being myself most of the time,

And you be yourself it’s totally fine..

And even if we strand apart,

You be you and move on with your heart,

The truth be told I will love you still,

And take care of you with all my will..

Cause sayang I know things might not always be great,

And things might bore you, scare you , or you hate,

I still keep my words whenever I say,

I will love you like its my very last day…



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